View Full Version : Update on Marlo and Matthew

October 9th 16, 02:26 AM
We got very very lucky and the hurricane stayed far enough off the
coast to cause us no problem at all. It hit mostly Thursday evening
and I could have played tennis on Friday morning but all the wusses
refused to show up to play. It was a bit windy. So I went back home.
Thursday evening was a fair amount of wind, nothing really worth
mentioning, and virtually no rain at all. It did rain on and off for a
few hours, but very little actually fell.

Like I said, very very lucky. The folks north of us by a few hours
really got clobbered though. Someone I know near Melbourne has no
power and probably won't for a week. And they have no water either. We
could have had the same situation here. It was my first Florida
hurricane so I'm very prepared now for any more that come our way.
Lots of bottled water, batteries, canned food, and the battery powered
fans arrived yesterday.

But I do want to work a bit on getting better power for fans. It will
be in the upper 80's for the next few days and that would be pretty
uncomfortable with just small fans. I'd like enough battery power to
run a real fan for a few hours while I sleep. I have a few electric
bikes and those have some nice batteries, one is 36 volts / 15ah. So
that would be good for something but I'd need an inverter that can
handle various voltages and convert them to proper AC voltage. I"ll
work on that.

Thanks for the purrs, clearly they worked.