View Full Version : Tribute to Mia

October 16th 16, 09:13 PM
Cash, the foodie extreme likes to read the others groups talking about
food. There he met Mia, a little girl ferret. Beloving of and beloved
by, House of Gary.

Mia liked all the mischief that Ferrets are known for, but her special
place was to sleep by her big 2foot at night or even better yet! In his

She felt unwell one day then seemed to recover and curled by her 2foot.
She went to sleep, and woke over the bridge.

Cash nods, Gary morns still but Mia is waiting patiently for him.

He steps back so another can speak

Sundance and/or Rebecca
November 2nd 16, 10:03 AM
Fangu fur dat furry nice tribyoot, Cash.