View Full Version : A tribute to Piglett and Houdini, house of Barnes

Samuel Redcat Mahoney
October 17th 16, 04:24 PM
I nefer got to meet Miz Piglett wif mine hoomins, only when we 'ported
to places like Jellicle Balls an parties an stuffz, but I know dat her
was furry loved by her hoomin an dat her loved her hoomin too. Gramby
depended on Piglett to keep herownself company when Gramby had to move
to another house, and Piglett did a eggzelnt job of dat. When Gramby
rescued another kitten, named Houdini, Piglett adjusted to da intruder
kitten furry well, and even played wif him some.

Houdini tooked his responsibility to entertain his hoomin furry
seriously. Him runned all over da house, played wif everything him could
find, and made friends wif Piglett. Him also did a furry good job of
snuggling with Gramby.

Bof of dem will be furry missed by Gramby an by da Community.


Sundance and/or Rebecca
November 2nd 16, 09:02 AM
Fangu fur dat tuchin tribyoot, Sammy.

Sundance and/or Rebecca
November 2nd 16, 09:04 AM
Oops, da sekkaterry furgitted to sign. Dat wuz frum myownself.