View Full Version : Tribute, Sara, house of Sheldon

October 17th 16, 11:06 PM
Daisy-chan comes forward.

I know of a man named Sheldon. Sheldon lives on a big place with a lot
of trees. He also has a Barn and feeds as many barn cats as he can.
Most ob dem are wild, some true wild lik I wus anna others just
lostlings not used to hoomans. He even had heated sleeping places inna
dat barn!

Some though, like maiself, made the leap that snuggling wif hoomans at
night is better than the big dark.

Sara was one such. Like Vamp whispered to me 'let her pet you, it
feels good'. Sara let him pet her and it felt good.

I'd like to tell Sheldon and all, that Sara had good final years. It
may take him a bit to get through all the kittahs waiting for him over
the bridge, but she will get her chance to be petted again.

Mai soul feels it.

Daisy-chan steps off the podium as Cash cries enough for both of them.
Sara was much like Daisy-chan.

Sundance and/or Rebecca
November 2nd 16, 10:01 AM
Dat wuz a lubly tribyoot, Daisy-chan.