View Full Version : Cat: cancer

October 19th 16, 04:37 AM
Local vet said the growth/bump on her head could be cancerous.
University teaching vet clinic withdrew cells, reported cancer.

She's 16, had her since kittenhood. Right now, she's okay; no mobility
issues or the like. Some trouble breathing and occlusion of her right
eye due to the growth. Appetite's pretty okay but I notice she doesn't
immediately finish what she's given.

No sir, I don't like it. Not one bit. Can't understand how it happened.
Wouldn't understand the explanation if somebody spelled it out for me.

Tips, anybody? What to expect, how to make her comfortable, any
palliative treatments, anything?

When she goes, and she's going, just like all of us, I'll be down to a
mere three cats and she's the mother of two of them. I won't be alone
but it won't feel the same.