View Full Version : Tribute to Spicey

October 22nd 16, 02:56 PM
Samwise steps to the podium. Spicey was not a member of our house but I
heard a lot
about her from my mommy. Mommy and Suz belonged to the same groups.

She was a wonderful friend and companion to Suz ( her mommy) When her
mommy went to the bridge Spicey was adopted by Tak. Spicey wasn't sure
about having a new human care for her but over time learned to love her Paw.

I picture Spicey sitting with her mommy in the sunshine.

Sundance and/or Rebecca
October 22nd 16, 05:18 PM
Fangu, Samwise. Dat wuz a furry nice tribyoot.


October 24th 16, 01:02 AM
I 'memfu Spicy. Her was the center of Suz's life, den her becomed the most important thing in Tak's life. Her was quite da kitty.