View Full Version : Iowna wakes and feels like a bitch

November 17th 16, 03:04 AM
Well,it's a technical term in her case so Cash and Daisy-chan just
snicker softly. It's started to turn cold here and she doesn't like it
one whit!

Creaking a bit and softly GRR'ING at daddy 2foot who wants to shuffle
her out to pee, she instead takes her time to do her stretchies then
with a yawn, she goes out.

Back in, Cash beats her to the bed and Daisy-chan pretends to be
innocently warming Cash's belly but Iowna is wise. She snuffles her
way between them so she is warm on both sides.

Daisy-chan tries to express her displeasure by flicking her tail over
Iowna's nose but it backfires when Iowna captures it and snuggles her
head on it, using the remaining tip as a paw-warmer.