View Full Version : Iowna pokes Daisy-chan

December 21st 16, 02:10 AM


Daisy-chan looks over and gets poked again. Cash is asleep and Iowna
looks like mischif. OMG. Poke.

With a sigh, Daisy-chan gets up and follows Iowna. She follows and
finds Iowna has managed to open a little of the bottom of a treat bag
and has pretty bits of paper. Sighing, she wraps some in plastic then
the pretty paper for Cash. Iowna snickers and puts it under the tree
as Daisy-chan closes the door and sneaks up into a cabinet. She pulls
down two ducky treats and wraps them in more paper then puts a ribbon
around them. She carefully climbs the tree and hides them well out of
reach but (but not their sniffilating noses). The 2foots can see them
easily and will laugh in the morning at the new decorations.

As Daisy-chan settles in, and starts to snore-purr, Cash inches out.
He hid a bag of kitty treats called temptations. He pours then in a
heavy glass jar then uses paper to pretty the lid. He knows she won't
be able to get them open. It needs no name. It's tucked under the
tree. He snickers and curls in with the others.

Soft purrs, yips and dreams of happy days pervade the home of Chez