View Full Version : Meowy Kissamouse

Samuel Redcat Mahoney
December 25th 16, 03:29 PM
[In a home on a quiet cul-de-sac in a Chicago suburb, an orange tabby
boycat jumps around the living room, hopping from couch to chair to
cabinet to TV to cabinet to kitchen counter to chest to couch, meowing
"Kissamouse, Kissamouse, Meowy Meowy Kissamouse! Prezzies and snacks an
catnip - Kissamouse, Kissamouse, Kissmouse!" While Sammy shows his
holiday enthusiasm, a little silver kitten dashes around the living room
floor, into the kitchen, down the hallway, around the bedroom, and back
again, meowing "Kissamouse! Kissamouse! Mine furst Kissamouse!"
While this is going on Ranger relaxes on his human's lap, watching the
others amusedly. Starr da Dog lies on the couch wagging.]

We'z got a Kissamouse box! It comed in da mail yesfurday. Paw says we
can open ti dis morning!

I love Kissamouse!