View Full Version : Minnie Is Almost 7 Months Old

John Kasupski
January 26th 17, 07:56 AM
Not a new picture, but...


....in that photo, Minnie is sitting at the end of the kitchen counter on that
side of my kitchen. See that cabinet door on the left? I took a measuring tape
out there yesterday. The bottom edge of the door is exactly five inches above
the floor. Now you have a rough indication of her size.

I talked on the phone today with my friend Amy, who originally adopted her, and
learned more about Minnie. She was born last July 4, so now I know her age
accurately...she'll be seven months old a week from this coming Saturday.

Amy also has two small dogs (Jack Russells), a big 14-year old calico cat named
Bibi, and she now also has a second cat again, who she described as "a big, fat
orange cat named Chub."

I lived upstairs from Amy for a year before I moved here, and I was there the
day when she first got Bibi. After the poor girl spent three days and nights
hiding under the couch and finally decided to venture out and establish herself
at the top of the pecking order with respect to the two dogs and to see if any
of the humans around could be trusted, I soon became Bibi's favorite person in
the building. I always told everybody it was an indication of what a good judge
of character she was, but there was a bit more to it than that. However, that's
another cat, and another story.

John D. Kasupski
Niagara Falls, NY