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March 26th 17, 05:48 PM
I "furminated" Buffy a few minutes ago. For a domestic short hair, she
sure has a really heavy undercoat! She sheds like crazy.

The Furminator is an excellent grooming tool. I groom her, put the
excess fur in a short lined waste basket. She rolls around and purrs
while being "furminated".

It's got to feel good to lose that heavy undercoat of fur as the weather
is warming up. Of course she gets scritches and plenty of soothing
words from me, too. She rolls around and lets me get her sides and the
scruff of her heck and the base of her tail. She purrs when I use this
deshedding tool on her.

This time, though, she decided afterwards to rub against the (I'd
emptied it) waste basket where I always put that soft, loose fur. The
static electricity was such that some of the fur flew back up and stuck
to her. It was funny! Poof! Thanks to static electricity you can have
your fur back.

I picked the pieces of off Buffy's face. And yes, I have since emptied
the basket so no more Buffy Fluff will be flying about the place. :)


John Kasupski
March 26th 17, 08:38 PM
This house has forced hot air heating, so the air in here tends to get pretty
dry if the furnace has been running a lot, and the low humidity breeds static
electricity. I'll reach over to pet Minnie, or she bunts my hand with her head
or goes to sniff my fingers, and ZAP! That's especially true if she's just been
rolling around on the rug...sometimes I look at her and I can see that her fur
is standing up, and since she's purring, I know it isn't because she's agitated.

She especially hates it when her ears or her nose get zapped. After that happens
a few times, she actually whines when she sees me reach out to pet her because
she's afraid of getting zapped again.

Once this happened in the kitchen, and when she whined, I walked over to the
wastebasket - which is stainless steel on the outside with a plastic inside that
you lift out to empty it - and touched the outside. Sure enough, I got zapped,
but then I was able to pet Minnie without her getting zapped too.

So here's how smart my kitty is: She saw me do that once, and since then I've
often noticed her rubbing her fanny against the wastebasket before she comes
over to solicit my attention when we're in the kitchen - undoubtedly to avoid
getting her ears or nose zapped when she makes contact with me. This cat is so
bright it's eerie sometimes.

John D. Kasupski
Niagara Falls, NY