View Full Version : Cat's eyes gooey --what to do?

April 8th 17, 07:59 PM
IGNORE THIS POST -- I HAVE REPOSTED IT SO I COULD SUBSCRIBE Greetings, eveyone. It's been quite a while since I've been to the forum. My cat's name is Boston Blackie, named after a detective in a 1940s radio show. Like the detective called "Blackie," that's what I call my cat, too. Anyway, he's been totally healthy. Has all his shots. He is five years old, and I have been his human for a little over a year. Prior to that, he had only one home, a very good one. Today his eyes are gooey. I gently wiped them off. What do you think is causing this? Any idea what to do? Will it go away? Should I take him to the vet?