View Full Version : Another Simon's Cat Cartoon - Cats and Boxes

April 27th 17, 11:12 PM
Persia (RB) like many cats, loved boxes. Once after being on a trip and
having my mail held, it was delivered in a United States Postal plastic
bin. I set the box on the floor and Persia immediately decided it was a
great place to sit. I took a photo (not sure I still have it) and
labelled it US Postal Cat. ;)

Buffy seems to be immune to the allure of boxes. One day I filled my
living room with a bunch of different sized boxes just to see what she'd
do. She sniffed at them. She sat in one of them briefly. Then she
sort of gave me a look like "why are there all these boxes in here?"
Buffy doesn't care about boxes.