View Full Version : Stepped on Buffy!

July 7th 17, 03:04 PM
All morning Buffy has been begging for attention. Scritches and loving
words didn't seem to cut it. I decided to Furminate her. :) She loves it.

She saw the grooming tool in my hand and started prancing around, all
happy. For an indoor shorthair she's got quite a thick undercoat. I
have to take the fur out immediately.*

Ooops! I stepped on her back paw. Very lightly. No damage,
thankfully. She went "meep!" I was thinking dang, girl! If you didn't
get so excited about this it wouldn't have happened. I don't have eyes
in back of my head. I don't know when you're behind me.

At any rate, she got Furminated again. Now she's snoozing in a puddle
of sunshine. :)

*I put the excess cat fur/fluff outside. Birds and squirrels will use
it to line their nests.