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Lesley Madigan
July 26th 17, 10:12 PM
What is in that stuff?!

When we took in Spirit (RB) she had fleas and nothing seemed to help much. Advantage helped a little as did spraying the bed/washing the bedding at 50 degrees but come this year and the warmer weather and once again both cats were scratching like mad and so was I!

Last Friday I took Ganzi for his neuter- not my usual vet (Although as Kylie has now gone back to Australia they are getting the work from now) as they prefer not to neuter boys until 8 months and won't before 6

They did a great job Ganzi was fine- he loved the vet (more than me I suspect) but when I collected him the vet said he had a few fleas and somehow (well they were £40 cheaper than my usual vets for the surgery) I ended up with Advocate for both cats

It was awkward to open but I managed to put a treatment on both cats Friday night

Not seen a single flea since- where they (And frankly me) had scabs from scratching we no longer have any


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