View Full Version : Noo TED

Sundance and/or Rebecca
August 26th 17, 01:36 AM
Yesfurday I seed a noo TED. Dis TED iz sneeky! She kamed in da room tawkin abowt whut a hansome kittee I iz, an how she luvz big orinj boykitteez an whut a sweet kittee I iz. She kep pettin myownself and efurry once in a wile she'd poke me or shine a lite in myown eyes or stik sumfing in myown eerz or myown bakside an den keep pettin me. She almost made me furget dat she wuz a TED! I wunner if dere iz a kunspeeracy uv TEDz to make kitteez fingk dat dey iznt so horrybul.