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Dan Mahoney[_2_]
October 7th 17, 03:12 AM
Hello again, dear friends. As with my tribute to Harri I ask your indulgence.

THat day so many years ago when Nancy and I went to the Petsmart in La
Sierra, CA I had no idea that we would be going home with a kitten.
WHen Nancy suggested it and pointed out a cage full of tiny tortoishell
kittens I was taken and immediately agreed.

When we got the kitten home we found she much preferred flying to
walking. If she wanted to get from one side of our bedroom to the
other, she should jump atop Nancy's dresser, fly to the top of the
shelves, then to the top of the next shelves, then leap to the top of
the headboard, then to the top of my dresser. It was this love of
flying that gave Amelia her, in honor of Amelia Earhardt.

Amelia loved to chase bugs. When a bug had the audacity to land really
high on the wall or, gasp!, on the ceiling, she would look at me and
meow loudly while looking from me to the bug and back. That was my
signal to pick her up and carry her to the bug so she could do her
high-hunting. The bugs never stood a chance.

She adjusted to living with DeeDee and Cleo very quickly. The
adjustment was much easier for Amelia then for the other two. I
remember well watching Cleo and DeeDee hunting a gopher. They had
stalked to within about a foot of the gopher hold and were sitting
perfectly still, listening intently for the gopher to approach. When
Amelia went out into the yard and saw her two adopted sisfurs staring
at a hole in the ground, she ran over with an expression like "Oh cool,
a hole, I wonder what's in it?" and shover her paw inside as far as she
could. The two older girls stomped away in indignation.

Amelia was a very loving girl, and often slept on my pillow. That
sounds cute, but since she got to be a very "fluffy" shorthaired cat
that left almost no room for my head. I took to keeping a spare pillow
beside mine, so that I would have something to use.

When I was having big problems controlling my blood sugar, Amelia
showed her special powers. I could be asleep in bed, and if my bolld
sugar dropped to dangerously low levels Amelia would meow very loudly
and scratch at my blankets to get me to wake up. She might well have
saved my life those times.

In later years she started preferring to sleep in Nancy's office, under
her chair. One morning in late 2015 I took her morning Temptations to
her in Nancy's office, but she didn't move. When I checked her, her
body was cold. My dear sweet Tortitude girl had crossed the Rainbow
Bridge in her sleep.

That was the first time in my adult life that I had to deal with the
passing of an animal that was dear to me. It still hurts. I miss you,
sweetie, and I love you.

Sundance and/or Rebecca
October 7th 17, 04:00 AM
Dat wuz a lubly tribyoot, Unka Dan. Yoo haz had so mennee wunnerful kitteez chooz yurownself, itz no wunder dat we named yoo a HC.


October 8th 17, 03:10 PM
Francesca: Miz Harri, i never getted to meet yourownself, but i did find your hangers an your navigation charts an esploration notes an stuff. Fangu for keeping such good notes! I promise day i will keep using your stuff fur da good of da Community.