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October 14th 17, 04:04 AM
As all assemble as called and the sun nears rising, a doggie assumes
his station to the left. He is to use ASL C/D. In case of need, his
assistant doggie is very capable of speaking it as well though she
can't read it.

[A small white cat with emerald eyes glances at the rising sun and
nods. It is time. She is wearing an amber necklace with a small
pendant of a winged green garden snake. She climbs the dais and
reaches the podium as sun touches above the horizon to shine softly.
Guests and others who have lost loved ones, fall silent.]

Good morning, sirs and ma’am’s, and a special thank you to the
residents of this wonderful place.

Each October, at sundown of the evening of the first full moon and
through the night, we gather to pay tribute to our dear ones who have
As the sun rises, we bid another farewell and return to our homes and

Much richer for having known and loved, much better for the lessons
learned, we smile despite our grief.

As always, the first name called represents those whose names we did
not know, those lost or tossed, taken through illness or abuse or
nature's fury.

We stand in silent thought, and send our hopes that they have found
peace and love at last.

[There is a short pause, then light of the new day spills in on them
all. Beside her, a large beagle to her left repeats her comments in

We call their names, family members, dear friends, respected
strangers...our Jellicle Honorees:

Unknown Kitties, House of Bast
Pixel, House of Abbey Cats
unnamed babycats, House of Abbey Cats
Lundy, House of Austin Pets Alive
Dickie D, House of Ashley
Heidi, House of Ashley
*Peanut Butter, House of Baldwin
*Rigger, House of Baldwin
*Sophia, House of Baldwin
Oken, House of Berkebile
Bitsy, House of Butler
C.S. Lewis (Loofus), House of Butler
Daht, House of Butler
Sweetness, House of Butler
Sophia, House of Chessie
Nikki, house of Christian
Queen Mischief the Gray, house of Chong
Licorice, House of Daniels
Quacker Dundee, House of David
Pippin, House of Dunn
* Angel, House of Fotre
Little Felix, House of Gilliat
Nutty, House of Gilliat
Red Rory, House of Gittel
Rudy, House of Gittel
Spunky, House of Glaser
Tarzana, House of Glaser
Darcy, House of Golumb
Spice, House of Hogarty
* Mocha house of Kleinfelder
Emily, House of Kuska
Isabella, House of Lee
Tootsie, house of Linda
William Patrick, house of Mahoney
* Skitzo – House of Miller
* Gizmo – House of Miller
* Lil’Sista - – House of Miller
* Charlie – House of Miller
* Smurfette – House of Miller
* Smudge – House of Miller
* Giest – House of Miller
* Darth – House of Miller
* Ditto – House of Miller
* Akashi – House of Miller
* Houdini – House of Miller
* Qui-Gon – House of Miller
* Bagheera – House of Miller
* Spike – House of Miller
* Glitter – House of Miller
* Meena – House of Miller
* Crash – House of Miller
* Meko – House of Miller
* Purrla – House of Miller
* Harley – House of Miller
* Nefertiti – House of Miller
* Junior – House of Miller
* Dappy – House of Miller
* Pharoah – House of Miller
* Un-named Kittens – House of Miller
Beemer, House of Mirch
Annie, house of Pare
* Boca, House of Rennie
Garland, House of Rennie
Patros, House of Rennie
Shalimar, House of Rennie
Leo, House of Rose
Patrick, House of Scaldini, Betty
Laura, House of Scaldini-Klimm
Marius, House of Scaldini-Klimm
Zola, House of Shaffer
Zoe, House of Spalding
Ming, House of Stapley
Nona, House of Stapley
Bridgette, House of Stott
CeeCee, House of Stott
Frost, House of Stott
GB, House of Stott
Gigi, House of Stott
Kelsey, House of Stott
Rhiannon, House of Stott
Sissy, House of Stott
Spook, House of Stott
Tasha, House of Stott
Widu, House of Stott
Rachael, House of Vic
Belle, House of Vicki
Shadow, House of Vicki
Mosey, House of Waterman
PookyCat, house of Waterman
* Quixote, House of Whisker City
Hopscotch, House of Whitwell

[A moment of silence with weeping guests ensues. A paw rises up to the
heavens and slowly back down]

The dawn of a new day seeps in.