View Full Version : Fiona checks sattillites

October 14th 17, 08:59 PM
Fiona checks to see if she needs to close the top but she has a little
bit. Zoot claps and he and 2 penguins run up to dance on the smoothe
ice top. Clem and Cleo (who have been staying out of the way) grin and
run up to play too. Soon the overhead is a sight of dancing. Its a
little too chilly outside for Polly but she flys about under them

They are celebrating the lives of their loved ones, living or waiting
to be joined.

After a bit, Fiona on a speaker up there says : "lovely and fun folks!
Now however, I need to close the top. Please wave, waggle, or whatever
to us then let me close the door".

With grins and waves (wings, feets, tails, whatever works) they clear
the area for Fiona. She closes with a neat 4 minutes to spare and
brings up the lights inside.

There's little cleanup to do. They just have to catch the rest of the
Sashimi so they can empty the tank and put it back where it normally
is, and put the plants back in the hotter part of the cavern that they
use as a green house.

As the community kittahs jump in to enjoy the remaining feast, Polly
centers on the centerpiece. Habaneros! She may be bird brained, but
she isnt unkind. "Anny kittahs, Doggies, Pengins and other sorts wants
to share these treasures of hot peppers?" As all nod no, she happily
flaps her wings and says "Oh Maistro! It was so much more than I
expected" as she digs in.