View Full Version : For the Holidays

Peter W.
December 11th 17, 08:37 PM
No self-respecting cat will eat a toxic plant. The only way this would happen is if they already were on a restricted/inadequate diet exceedingly low in roughage. Poinsettias may be toxic, but not sufficiently toxic to be dangerous.

However, Lilies of any kind, and anything in the lily family are incredibly toxic to cats. So, those of you who do have their cats on a restricted diet free of roughage, DO NOT bring any lily in any form into your house. Even a small nibble will do permanent damage as the toxin is catalytic - does damage but is not broken down, so it continues to do damage.

Get Kitty Greens or sprout some popcorn, even fresh catnip. If your cat has a safe source of roughage, they will not be tempted by the unsafe options.

DO NOT put tinsel on your tree or have it in your house. Full Stop. Be careful of ribbons, ornaments, and other items that could be chewed or broken. Be careful of electrical cords if you cat is prone to chewing - with special reference to kittens.

Fruitcake contains many toxic materials, including grapes, often alcohol and other materials. Cats are often drawn to it by the butter smell.

Scented candles, scented fluids, chocolate potpourri, and other tempting items. As above. A cat with a good (and varied) diet including 'fresh' food and enough roughage-by-choice will reduce the temptation for your cats - but better safe than sorry. If you want to taste it, so might fluffy.

And, although a little bit of People Food is actually good for cats, most cats after about 16 weeks are lactose-intolerant, to include cheese, ice-cream and milk. And milky Hot Chocolate is a triple whammy if the sugar is included. Butter, as it happens, seems not to trigger a reaction - but should be avoided anyway for its fat content.

Any diet-food with artificial sweetener can be deadly, depending on the material and concentration.

And, of course, nothing with terpenes (pine oil cleaners) or phenols (Lysol Liquid) should be anywhere near your cats, ever. Terpenes and Phenols go cloudy when mixed with water - so avoid any cleaner with that reaction.

A little common sense will make for a safe and happy holiday.