View Full Version : One very dead and very stupid rat

Bill Meredith
July 4th 03, 10:29 AM
A neighbor of mine with birds in a back screen encloser, always
complained about being overrun with rats to me, and kept asking me if
I had a similar problem.

I told him that my 5 cats had access to my back screen in area and it
would take a very stupid rat indeed to enter an area with five cats.

Well it would appear that there was such a stupid rat and one of my
little dears kill him and dump him on my inside staircase, as proof of
them doing thier job.

I am very proud of my little guys, as it was a very big rat for one

Bill M

James W.
July 7th 03, 12:20 PM
Watching my own cats, I believe the cat is a mouse & rat killing
machine. They would rather hunt than eat, mate, sleep, play, or fight.