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moonglow minnow
July 7th 03, 01:23 AM
R&SB howled at the moon, then scrawled thusly upon the aether:

> We are moving out of state (health reasons) and are at a loss what
> to do with our cat. She is an outdoors cat, never strays more than
> a short distance from the front porch where she lives (has a nice
> cat house). We live in the country, 400 feet from the road.
> She will NOT come inside. Forcibly bringing her in ends up
> with a cat wailing at the door to be let out immediately!
> She's 12 years old, missing a few teeth, but otherwise very healthy.
> So, we are hoping the new buyers (whomever they are) willing
> to have a porch cat. Taking her with us isn't an option since we
> are traveling in a pickup truck, pulling a travel trailer and will be
> traveling for a few months.
> I've even considered putting her down.

Have you talked with your vet about possibly sedating her for (parts of)
the trip, and taking her in a (large) carrier with her favourite
blanket/toys? Talked with the neighbours about the possibility of one of
them taking her in, if only temporarily (until you have a new home
purchased)? Talked with your vet about the possibility of boarding her
until you find a new home? She may be very unhappy for a while, but she
may be a lot happier in the long run.

Cats, like children, are a commitment for life. short of terminal
illness, there's always a better alternative to euthenasia.

Best of luck,
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Cats must spray mom's brand new $400 bread maker.

July 26th 03, 01:24 AM
Geeze if this was your kid would you farm them out too?

But is you must adandone your cat try to get the best home possible. Talk
with your vet they know lots of folks and might be able to recommend a very
good family.

Whoever ends up sharing their lives with this feline check them out first to
be sure they are who they say they are and check out their home.

AWriteny > wrote in message
> continues to be clueless!
> I said
> >You should not only consult w/every
> >feline newsgroup, you should use >the phone and call some cat
> who have
> > higher education in this area and >could offer some ideas on how to
>have the
> cat cope
> clueless bishop responds with:
> >Duh! That's why I'm asking on this >group. Jeeze, get a clue
> Hey Bishop...I repeat--besides the newsgroups, consult with behaviorists
> could offer additional expert advice on how to help the cat adjust. After
> with all the cats in shelters already, your (very) adult cat isn't going
to get
> adopted easily. You mention about putting the cat to death, yet don't
> any mention (or effort) about finding a solution. It takes so little
> to post in a newsgroup..not that there's anything negative about
that..but, if
> that's all you do, you are doing almost nothing.
> Bishop whines
> >As for hiring someone to fly with >the cat, are you going to contribute
> the cost? And what about the >incredible stress on the cat from >being
> in a container in the >belly of a plane?
> I respond
> 1)That's your problem. No one can predict problems down the road when we
> a pet, but it's a responsibility to do right by the pet..not kill it
> it's easier. Sell a sofa and get the fare! I'd go without to ensure my
> stay with me.
> 2) There have been major developements in transporting cats in the past
year or
> so. First, a portable carrier - invented by an airline flight attendant -
> exists. One can take this carrier on an airplane. It fits under the seat
> (sedate the cat, if advised). If luck is with you, the seat next to you
> be empty.
> Obviously, you care somewhat since you have posted here, but you stopped
> extremely short of doing all that you can to ensure your cat can continue
> exist (happily).

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