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July 13th 03, 04:09 PM
The stuff is bough already, to late to change the fabric!

>When you get the new furniture, you
>should take into consideration what your cats have shown interest in and
>find fabrics that are the very opposite. Usually very smooth fabrics are
>a good choice and won't entice the cats. HTH.

That's fine for when I am home and awake, but when we are both out or
sleeping is when I think they do their most damage.

>If they try to
>scratch things you don't want them to, you must distract them using a
>"happy" voice and get their attention focused back on what you want them
>to scratch, then give more praise when they oblige. One way would be to
>stand by the scratching post you want them to use and scratch it with
>your fingernails loud enough for them to hear it.

July 16th 03, 11:53 PM
"Sticky Paws" I swear by it!!! It's not a chemical, and it won't hurt your
furniture either. Or you can just use double sided tape or aluminum foil.
-Mrs R

"P.D." > wrote in message
. net...
> We are going to be moving into our new house next months, and as you can
> imagine we will have all new furniture there. I have 3 cats and they
> destroyed the furniture we had in our old place (scratched the crap out of
> the couch, etc). Besides using "Soft Paws" is there any other products
> will help in keeping the cats away from the sofa's? I have tried training
> them, but they are stubborn.
> Thanks
> --
> Steve