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Priscilla H Ballou
July 14th 03, 04:40 PM
In rec.pets.cats.health+behav the catlord > wrote:
>The picture is on a site with some other random cat pictures and does
>not look photoshopped to me, but maybe it is. It is a cat that
>someone has stuffed in a jar or at least appears to be that and my
>instant reaction was to think that wasn't particulary kind to the cat.

>It might be from someone who got the idea from bonsai kitten but I
>still have problems with someone stuffing a cat into a jar even if it
>was just to "be cute" or whatever. Good god, I'll drop it. If you
>want to complain to the site owner or not, that's your business. I'm
>forgetting about the whole damn thing.

It's a glass, not a jar, and it looks like a damn fine example of
Photoshopping to me.


July 17th 03, 12:14 PM
>It is a cat in a jar. WTF???

Congrats, you are the 400,000,000,000,000th person to ask about the bonsai
kitten/cat in a jar hoax. Some (US) newspapers reported on this in 2003 and
online services such as AOL have also devoted a good portion of reporting to
this hoax. In addition, this has been discussed at length in various cat/feline
related newsgroups for quite some time, now. I suspect that this will go on
'til at least the year 2075..then it will stop for a year and be reintroduced
by a small group of people and go on for another century!