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July 28th 03, 07:51 PM
The short version: is there a way to keep our neighbors cats out of our
yard and away from our bird feeders?

The long version: We have always kept our cats indoors, but our next
door neighbor doesn't share that philosophy. We have a number of bird
and critter feeders in our front yard which her two cats have started
staking out. So far they've killed 3 or 4 bird and at least one
chipmunk. We've talked to her about it a couple of times and she's been
very nice and apologized, but the cats are still being allowed to roam
free outside. So far we've tried:

- Three different "cat repellent" chemicals that we've spread on the
boundary between our yards.

- One of the ultrasonic repellers, which seems to have absolutely no

The automatic water sprayers with a motion detector are not an option
for us because of our climate, and from what I've read, cats figure them
out pretty quickly.

I love cats, and I realize that they're just doing what cats do, but
they have become a real problem. Any suggestions? TIA.


July 28th 03, 08:57 PM
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> The short version: is there a way to keep our neighbors cats out of our
> yard and away from our bird feeders?

Where do you live (US/UK/Canada...)? In many US areas, it is illegal to
allow one's cat to roam about on other people's property. Check your
local ordinances. If you have that to hold over her head, she may be
more willing to do something.

Other than that...

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July 29th 03, 12:01 PM
Anyone have any suggestions for someone on the other side of the coin, who
wants to continue let their cats out, but has a neighbor with a garden and a
birdfeeder who isn't particularly happy about the situation?


P.S. The bird situation is pretty much taken care of by the beepy/flashy
collar, but I could do with some advice about the garden invasion!