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October 1st 03, 05:04 AM
Good evening:

I have the following problem with my cat:

He has not eaten or drank anything for all the time I have had him, which was
about 6 p.m. on Saturday.
He has been to one doctor, was given IV fluids, Cefazolin and a tube down his
throat to feed him. The next vet gave him the same type of tube feedings, and
two other different antibiotics one of which is Pancycline(spelling?). His
fever was 105 when I took him to the doctor, they got it down to 100 or 101 and
it was 104 this morning and is still going up and down. He MAY have
Bartonella, FIP, etc. Does not have feline leukemia or feline AIDS. Is very
emaciated, has a body condition score of 3, 5 being normal on a scale of 9.
URI, nose and sinuses very congested, bright yellow mucus. Has anyone had an
animal with his symptoms, or a persistently high fever? What did you do to get
it down? Any ideas as to what he has or what medicine you (your vet) have
used to treat this is appreciated.

He needs prayers also, if you of a mind to.

They may put him to sleep tomorrow.

Thank you,
Long term pet owner with a short term cat.

Emily W
October 2nd 03, 02:53 AM

Emily W
October 2nd 03, 02:53 AM