View Full Version : Recommended Window Cat Doors?

C. Andrews La Varre
October 20th 04, 02:30 AM
Been googling around, see several.

I've got an upstairs window with an old fashioned storm window. He's
been crawling under the storm window and in through the open sash all
summer. But times have changed.

I'm willing to leave the storm window adjusted out, but not to leave the
sash open.

The ubiquitous solution is the "Thermo Sash II" (e.g.,
http://www.petdoors.com/theremosash.htm) but there are others, such as
Cat Mate, which would have to be installed in some kind of a panel to
accommodate the sash, and the "Staywell Deluxe Cat door", which also
would have to be installed in a panel.

Being lazy, I'm inclined to go with the first, but wonder if anyone has
any other views, pro or con.

TIA, Andy