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December 11th 04, 12:14 PM
"Robert E. Lee" > wrote in message
[...]> How can one avoid such a medical disaster when adopting one of these
> "shelter cats"? Apparently a pre-adoption trip to the vet wouldn't
> have done it. None of this was apparent on the first visit to the vet
> which leads me to question her competence.

I'm sorry your cat has had these problems. I am sorrier still that
your vet has such a suckass attitude. I think most vets would agree
that with any cat, not just "shelter cats" it's pretty much a crap shoot.
I mean, what is the alternative? A breeder cat in whom many
predispositions to health problems have been inadvertantly bred
in along with the coat color, deformed face, etc?

Of the four "shelter cats" I have had, one has had asthma and an
allergy related condition called EGC. The other three lived to be
17, 19, and 20 with not one sick day in their lives unless they
ate a houseplant. I have a niece who paied $300 a piece for
two "pure bred" cats and one of them was dead from cancerous
tumors before he was a year old. (She spend a couple of thousand
on him before he died.)

I think if I were in your shoes I would get a vet who appreciates
people like us who are part of the solution and not part of the
problem. Bless you and your big heart. Let us know how it
works out for your lucky cat--lucky to have you, that is.