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December 11th 04, 03:52 PM
"Robert E. Lee" > wrote in message
> My 11 month old cat has developed a polyp that originates in the bulla
> and has grown into the outer ear, puncturing the ear drum. Apparently
> this is common in young cats. The only way to fix it is $urgery which
> has a high incidence of unpleasant side effects.
> I haven't gotten a price estimate, but I don't expect it to be cheap.
> I'd be interested in anyone else's experiences with this both in terms
> of price and outcomes. I am seriously considering cutting my losses.
> As an aside, I thought I was doing a "good deed" adopting this cat from
> a shelter a couple of months ago. So far the vet has diagnosed her
> with bartonella, gingivitis, ear mites, conjunctivitis, and now this.
> Every time the vet makes the comment that "well what did you expect...
> she's a shelter cat". While I have the uncomfortable feeling that the
> vet is padding her 401(k), this has been a very expensive lesson to me.
> How can one avoid such a medical disaster when adopting one of these
> "shelter cats"? Apparently a pre-adoption trip to the vet wouldn't
> have done it. None of this was apparent on the first visit to the vet
> which leads me to question her competence.

Your vet sucks if that's her attitude. She should be applauding you for
getting a cat from a shelter, not putting you down. You DID do a good deed,
and don't ever doubt that. Of the conditions you named, conjunctivitis and
ear mites are very common and easily treatable. Ginigivitis, in an 11 month
old cat? Did she want to do a dental? That might lead me to believe she is
looking to line her pocketbook. When I Googled "bartonella", it appears to
be something that cats have that can transmit to humans and it's more common
name is "Cat Scratch Fever". Does anyone know something more about this?
Just wondering how your cat was treated for it.

About the ear polyps, I'm sorry I don't know anything about it. You may
want to get a second opinion.

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