View Full Version : Siamese adoption in Jax, FL?

K. Bruner
December 22nd 04, 09:34 PM
My parents live in the Jacksonville, FL area and they are looking to
adopt a juvenile (1-2 year-old) Siamese. They don't need a
top-of-the-line breeding or show cat, but just want a pet. Unfortunately,
since their other cat is indoor-outdoor, the local shelters won't let
them adopt because they can't guarantee the cat will never be let out,
and they aren't willing to lie to get a cat.

A little background. My parents' Siamese cat, Coco, died in September,
20 years to the month after he first came to live with us. (He had been
a stray in the neighborhood, about 6 months old.) Until the last few
weeks of his life, he was in very good condition for his age. My parents
are responsible pet owners. The cat would be spayed/neutered, not
declawed, and would get regular vet visits. They don't necessarily want
a kitten, but my mother is resigned to buying one from a breeder if
that's what she needs to do. She just prefers the Siamese personality,
the high sociability and affection. They would prefer a juvenile because
they would forego the kitten rampages but they think it would be easier for
their 10-year-old, Bandit, to adapt. He seems to miss Coco.

Please don't turn this into a flame war about letting cats outdoors. The
situation is what it is. The new cat would be primarily indoor, but would
probably end up occasionally being allowed out, because they're not going
to be able to change the habits of their 10-year-old cat.

My father regularly drives throughout most of Florida for business, so
something not in the immediate Jacksonville area is also viable. I live
in California, but am probably going to visit them in the next week. (My
own 10-year-old cat is looking at exploratory surgery after 2 months of
regular vomiting and an ultrasound suggest that she may either have
lymphoma or inflammatory bowel disease.) I'd like to get them set up for
a new addition.