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December 26th 04, 09:02 PM

We are a noprofit Organisation
Help suppot a healthy enviroment for cat's and kitten's!!!

Here is what we do, we taken in cat's and Kitten's. We give them shots
and take
them to the vet for check up's and get them spaying and neutering to help
slow down
the over population of cats.
We alos work to find good homes for the Cats and kittens we take in.

Luck kitty Rescue needs help in the form of donations for the animals
we take in.
The coat of vets bills and shots that we give the Cats and Kittens adds up
and we can
not continue to do this alone.
Luck Kitty Recscue is looking for donations in the form of money, Cat
Cat litter, Cat litter boxes, Cat toys, Cat collars, and money for
vet bill and shot that the Cat's and Kitten's need to live a healthy and
happy life.
send all donation in care of Luck Kitty Rescue 700 E Park ave luck, WI 54853

Think you
Luck Kitty Rescue
700 E Park Ave
Luck, WI 54853