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December 31st 04, 12:51 AM
I adopted a feral snowshoe siamese from a rescue about 3 years ago. She
had to be trapped, and was spayed there. It took me 3 months to gain her
trust, but she has turned out to be a sweet kitty.
=A0=A0This cat sprays--bad. She sprays every bush and weed outside, and
the behavior does not stop when she comes in. She sprays the doors, the
appliances, the curtains, clothes, towels--you name it.
=A0=A0She has been checked by a vet and is perfectly heathy. I do have
several other cats--all neutered. She gets along fine with all of them.
None spray.
=A0=A0=A0=A0Any advice on how to curtail this behavior? Getting rid of
her is not an option. TIA.
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Karen M.
January 6th 05, 10:36 PM
I'm guessing she's marking her territory. Can you confine her to a room
(preferably one without carpet or upholstery)? She might need to get
acclimated to your household and her new adopted sibs.

--Karen M.