View Full Version : litter scattering

January 19th 05, 06:29 PM
All four of our cats can scatter their litter far and wide it must be
in their nature. One in particular digs for Scotland when he's inthe


January 20th 05, 08:51 PM
That's funny. My cats can seem to scatter their litter all over the
house. They kick more out of the box than onto their waste! Then I
also have one that goes from one box to another to cover everyone
else's business. At least I have one with manners and a sense of

January 26th 05, 06:23 PM
Wow! I thought my Siamese was the only one who did that! As soon as
my male tabby hops out of the box, she runs right over and covers it up
(thank goodness!). Its so funny - he's so spoiled he never learned to
do it himself b/c she does it for him. They both scatter litter
everywhere - but I ge the low track and that helps a little.