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January 26th 05, 11:16 PM
Victor Martinez wrote:
> Think about it. Cats are obligate carnivores. They have zero
> requirements for carbohydrates. What are some of the main ingredients of
> dry food? Grains. Why are you feedling corn or rice to a carnivore? ;-)

Yes, I believe this is absolutely correct.

For all-round success with your kittens/cats.

1. Feed wet-food only every eight hours (that's breakfast, tea, and
late-night supper, just before you go to bed!). Give them the
prescribed amount but mash in a couple of dessert spoonfuls of water.
(Body mass is mainly water and plenty of water is good for their

2. Leave clean water available to them at all times.

3. Once a day, take a piece of lint, dampen it under the tap, apply a
little meat-flavoured cat-toothpaste to it, hold the cat in your lap and
its mouth in your left hand, and rub the outside of its teeth. (Yes,
biscuits do NOT clean cats' teeth.)

4. Keep a handful of dry-food biscuits in your pocket at all times.
The manufacturers coat it with a synthetic that cat's can't resist - and
yes, the carbohydrate body of the biscuit is not much use to the cat's
body or teeth and will only make them fat. Use the biscuits in your
pocket throughout the day as a lure and a reward, feeding them only one
biscuit every so often. When you call and they follow: offer a single
biscuit. To get them to recognise their names: offer a single biscuit
only to the cat whose name you are calling. When they come and visit
you wherever you are in the house or outside: reward them with a single
biscuit. Eventually, you can hold the biscuit four or five inches above
their heads, and they will sit on their hind legs to nibble it from you.