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August 10th 03, 06:15 PM
> Its better for multimedia and binaries than IE but not as good for text.
> No spell checker. But if you have a bunch of groups that are related
> that are likely to see the same message you can put them together under
> one super group so there are no duplicates. You can have multiple things
> downloading at the same time and it never crashes. But I am still
> waiting for my first Mac crash after six months. You can try it for free
> for sixty days.

Right on, I'll have to give it a go (have downloaded). I'm more of a text
person, but it's usually the layout that means the most to me.

I've had amazing luck here with no crashes (just program freezes/force
quits, but that's because of crappy beta software anyway). I think I've only
restarted the computer, really! Very happy with the Mac.


August 10th 03, 06:16 PM
> That's one thing I like about Safari is that there is a built in google
> search.
> Karen

Dare say that's why I started using it in the first place! And probably it's
biggest "plus" for me. Now it just needs a "highlight keywords" feature and
it'd be perfect. ;)


Dick C
August 11th 03, 07:08 PM
jen.d wrote in rec.pets.cats.anecdotes

> Just be sure to only download updates from the MS site, or use Win Update
> software on your machine. Never open unsolicited email attachments.

And a double warning on that. Never open email attachments unless you
know for absolutely certain that the person in question actually meant
to send them to you. There are virii out there that will open up the
address books in Outlook and then send themselves to everyone in the
address book as attachments. Thus your best friend may open an infected
attachment and you will receive it from him/her and if you aren't
careful you will open it and infect your computer and send it on to
everyone in your address book.

> Netscape is no longer going to be developed, and neither is IE standalone
> (it will be built into the OS). Same goes for the Mac.

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