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February 10th 05, 12:56 AM
I live on a mountain in the Catskills in N.Y. State---- Last year a
grey striped kitten with a spotted underside wandered out of the woods.
Extreemly rural area with the nearest home about a mile away. We first
allowed her to live in the gagage and fed her there. As the weather got
colder she finally and with reluctance came in the house. Immediatly
bonded with my German Shepherd dog but not my other (indoor outdoor
cat). They hated each other. When I say "bonded" I mean to the point of
rediculous. When I walk the dog the cat walks with the dog and returns
with us at the end of the walk. She is now about a year and a half old
and has developed pointed hair on the tips of her ears and VERY
prominent dorsal hair that stands up over one inch tall. Her eyes are
extreemly large and perfectly round. Anyone out there know of a breed
with these characteristics ???? We call her Betty as in Betty Boop (for
her eyes.) This is my 1st time visiting this group an E-mail
response would be appreciated as I don't know if I can find the group
again. Thanks much ! Dan K

February 10th 05, 08:48 AM
If you post a pic to alt. binaries.pictures.animals

we may get a better idea.


February 11th 05, 09:34 AM
Sorry--- don't know how to send pics. I wish I did. Dan