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Tax Man
March 3rd 05, 11:23 PM
Get ready Americans for the biggest screwing in all history. For some
time I have worried that the consumption tax (national sales tax) to
replace our income tax idea would take hold. This would be a nightmare
for low and middle income people. There is more and more talk every day
for this. Now that old geezer Greenspan is saying it is a good idea. He
adds that maybe we should also keep the income tax and have both. Since
the consumption tax would be a rich man's dream, that is probably what
we will end up with. With a consumption tax, the low and middle income
earners would pay all of the tax and the rich man would pay even less.
Americans had better start raising hell with their congressmen and
senators now to stop this before it gains anymore momentum. The only
fair income tax replacement would be a flat tax with the standard
deduction and the family member exemptions and no other deductions or
loopholes. Please help spread the word.