View Full Version : Barn Cat - Vaccination Question

March 4th 05, 05:05 AM
finally trapped the stray barn cat
taking her to the vet tomorrow,
would be great if I could get her fixed, of course,
don't know if they'll be able to do that with a walk-in,
so for now, what essential shots etc would you suggest
for a "barn cat" tomorrow / Friday.

March 5th 05, 06:40 AM

I called my vet and they took care of the stray
( now known as Barny, as in, Barn Cat )
Received the usual: Exam, Distempter,Rabies, FIV test,
and of course....Neuter....for $225

Barny is in the formal dog room in a large dog crate for the
next week while he heals from the surgery, and then, I wll
take him back over tot he barn and release him.