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April 8th 05, 12:05 AM
Introducing a new pet supplies site on the WWW. We offer a wide
variety of pet supplies for your pets every need. Our product line
includes many items for dogs, cats, birds, fish and other small
animals. We have pet attire, grooming, feeding, bedding, brushes,
shampoo, health and wellness, toys, chews, treats, collars, leashes,
leads, kennels, crates and cages and many more items for the health and
happiness of your pet. Check us out at tjspetemporium.com. Thanks for

April 8th 05, 01:38 PM
is the product on that site cheap ??? if i live in canada is it
possible for it to sent to me through post????
wow lots of ques to follow

April 8th 05, 01:59 PM
i never buy the product from the internet too. If i do not have a Visa
Card or Mastar Card. Could i pay by check or so?