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April 18th 05, 05:04 PM
The prior configuration of the Foursome and I moved house several

1) Make sure they have "allowed" scratching alternatives, and in the
right orientation for them. Some cats scratch carpet because they like
the horizontal direction, some because they like the texture of the
carpet. If they like scratching your carpet, try to get a scrap of a
similar texture for them and either lay it flat or make it a cat tree.

2) Why start now? My cats are indoors EXCEPT when on leashes. I'd
never do differently - too many traumatic memories of my childhood cats
being killed by cars and assaulted by predators (human and otherwise).
Make the indoors interesting or leash-train them.

3) ...

4) This can depend on your cat(s). I've occasionally tried the
one-room-at-a-time, but usually as I was moving from apartment to
apartment (flat to flat), they would get bored in their new room very
quickly. What I*have* stuck to doing, is moving the cats and their
favourite, familiar things (beds, blankies, scratchers, food &water
bowls) myself, and all at the same time. So, either I move the cats to
their new home first, and put them, and all their own "stuff" in a room
together until the movers are done, OR them and all their stuff stays
in the old place until other things are moved, then I move them. The
order hasn't seemed to make a difference, but its important that their
familiar things stay with them.

5: Try to cat-proof the new house ahead of time - and when you get
there, keep an eye on them for the first little while. Nothing is
better than a cat, especially a young, active one, for finding every
little nook, cranny, hole and flaw in your new home!!!! I had a kitten
once wedge itself underneath and then up and behind a built-in electric
baseboard heater that appeared to have only a two-inch clearance off
the floor. Couldn't find the little bugger for hours, and then I saw
little feet when I looked *UNDER* the baseboard gap. He was fine and
thought it was all fun, but panicked me for a bit.

Good luck,