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April 19th 05, 05:19 PM
Hi all,

As the subject says. My health is failing on many counts and it grows more
and more difficult to give my baby-cat the love, attention, and care she so
rightly deserves.

I live near the Capital Region of NY, US, near Albany... I would prefer to
place my cat somewhere not too far from me, so that i can monitor her for a
while in her new home, and make sure all is well.

She has just turned 12, but is in almost perfect health. She is a purebred
(with papers) Traditional aka Applehead Balinese. She is of the Seal-Point
variety. She is extremely well behaved, and also extremely intelligent.
And she is still active (although not nearly as active as she was only a few
years ago :-( and oh-so-loving. She will sit on my lap for hours, and
just purr and purr.

I truly love her so much, and it breaks my heart to have to try to place her
in a new home, but I also believe that this is the right decision for her.

Please, anyone serious about possibly adopting her, please respond to my
Hushmail account...

I may also be able to provide a considerable sum of money *if* i am certain,
after quite a bit of monitoring, that my cat is in the most excellent home
possible. This money would be intended to help fund her expenses.

Thanks in advance?


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