View Full Version : Cat's coloring: evolving saga

Karen M.
April 28th 05, 08:50 PM
Hi folks--
Astute types may recall that one of my roomates, Blanche, is a mutt
who looks like a flame-point Siamese. Crystal blue eyes, orange points,
striped face and tail, and when I named her she was a white cat.

Well! She's almost 3 years old, and been gradually "toasting."
Campfire marshmallow? Toasted almond? Her legs are tan, as is her face
under the stripes. Her coat is still white underneath, but she
definitely stood too close to the heating element [this is
apochryphal!]. Now she's getting some very dark tips on individual
hairs along her flanks. And four of her previously-white whiskers have
grown back in black.

At this rate, in a few years she'll match Kitto (a tuxedo).

--Karen M.