View Full Version : Ultrasonic cat repellant??

Ken Moiarty
June 12th 05, 08:24 PM
I'm interested in trying one of those ultrasonic cat repellant devices to
keep a certain person's cat from peeing in certain areas of our house.
Before I shell out the cash though, I want to be sure to choose a product
that is reliable.
These devices use a motion sensor so as to trigger the ultrasonic "noise"
that deters the cat. However, I know that a lot of products on the retail
market which use a motion sensor (e.g. motion sensitive light fixtures, for
example) often fail to work reliably within a few weeks or months of use,
due simply to the fact that the manufacturer implemented an unacceptably
cheap motion sensor in the assembly of the product.

Since there seems to be so many ultrasonic cat repellant products out there
competing against each other, it's likely that many of these are
manufactured using cheap motion sensors, in order to keep pricing attractive
to the unwitting majority of buyers. Therefore I'm asking if somebody here
might be able to guide me towards a particular ultrasonic cat repellant
name brand or product that is (or may be) an exception to this rule.
(Pricing is not a consideration at this point.) Thank you in advance...