View Full Version : This did not make me happy

June 17th 05, 04:10 PM
There's been quite a stir down here with us in the Netherlands. There's been a puma sighted! Prowling on the loose, and responsible for a few sheep killings, this big pussycat has managed to get a twenty-people party of police on the move. And kitty has eluded them for a couple of times already. Every time they thought they had him/her, he/she managed to sneak away again! Finally something exciting is happening again :)! However, the sad news is this: A spokeswoman of the police said that once the puma would be sighted again, they would shoot to kill! They could not take the change of shooting it with a tranquilizer-dart and run the risk the puma would elude them again, go somewhere to sleep off the dart, and then simply wake up again and start prowling again. This is saddening :((! Such a magnificent beast, and if they see it, they'll shoot it, just like that!
Oh, they also said that the puma most probably did not belong to a zoo, since no zoos were missing any pumas, and that so far no one had reported to the police having lost a puma. And they seemed to be surprised over that too! Well duhh, of course no one has reported he/she has lost a puma, because that would mean a great big fine since owning a puma or other wild animal is illegal! So do they really think someone will call the police after having seen the news and say "oh yeah, sorry, that's my pussycat". :P of course not. But if I'm honest, I have been tempted to contact the police myself and tell them to leave the kitty to me so they wouldn't have to kill it. I just can't stand something like that! But well, with 12 cats already, what would I do with such a big one, provided that I could even catch it already? :)
Well, I'll keep following the news, and I'll keep y'all informed as the events develop. Let's just hope that the puma will manage to keep escaping :).
Purrs, Fritti and his gang.