View Full Version : Uh oh... Some bad news on the reprieve for the puma

June 22nd 05, 04:43 PM
Reading the paper today to look for news on the big kittie, I found the following: the temperature has been over 30 degrees Celcius here for a couple of days already, and this is totally ruining the success of finding the puma. From the day the temperature climbed this high, there have been no more sightings or reports from witnesses that they have seen it. The officials from the Pantera institute fear that the puma is lying somewhere in the shade of some ferns, puffing from the heat, and therefore they most probably can't make the Thursday deadline of capturing the kittie alive. They now want the government to put in writing that the kittie may absolutely not be shot, since they know that when new reports of sightings come in, they have a real good change of capturing the puma. Only other thing needed is the temperature dropping a bit again. The forecasts however show that this will now happen until the weekend. But well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, anyway.
Purrs, Fritti and his gang.