View Full Version : And the puma soap continues...

June 29th 05, 06:44 AM
Aha! No wonder that one photographer having submitted the photo of the blonde puma to the Pantera Institute wished to remain anonymous. The pic was fake. Well, not exactly, it was an actual real live puma on that photo, thing just was that it hadn't been taken here in the Netherlands, but somewhere in Brazilia. Seems like we're down to one puma after all, although there have been reports of a blonde one running around here somewhere.
People have also been questioning the authenticity of the pictures of the black puma (I'll just call it a puma, is easier). They say that the proportions in the picture aren't correct, and that there's a line of pixel mist around the body of the puma, suggesting it was inserted from another picture. However, these pictures of the blacky have been taken by one of the officials of the Pantera Institute himself, so I for one am not yet doubting these pics are real.
Well, the weather has changed around a bit here; no more sweltering heat, and today even saw rain, so there now might be a bigger chance the puma will set out again and be spotted (and possibly captured). As soon as there's more news on this intrigueing kittie soap, I'll let you know!
Fritti and his gang.