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July 21st 05, 04:25 PM
Well, it's been some time before I last posted an update, but that's simply because there was nothing much to post about. The puma that's supposedly wandering loose in our li'l country has not showed itself for weeks, which in a way could be logical. Because a new sport has evolved down here; puma-spotting! By the tens, what, by the hundreds, people went out (and are still going out) to the nature park and the forests where the puma's been last sighted. With all those crowds, naturally the kittie would hide itself. Pathera Institute seems to have given up the hunt and has transferred the case over to the forest rangers of the concerning forest, who will try to attempt to catch the puma with steel traps (the humane kind, not bear traps or anything). One of the funniest things is small enterprises getting a nice benefit from the kittie, like a café that started selling "puma sandwiches". Funny.
There's also been arguing going on about whether this big kittie would be even there or not. There's been more false alarms and sightings being given in time, on crocs, on a wolf once, and it appeared that was just to get attention and publicity. Is the same the case here? Several people (and quite lots of them really), still insist they have seen the kittie, and it sure is larger than a normal cat.
The latest flip has been that it is now supposed that the big cat sighted might be a cross-breed with a normal cat and a Savannah-cat someone has imported, since those are getting quite popular down here (in fact... boy do I like to have one or two of those). Well, I'll keep following what news there will still come out, and post about it if it's worthwile enough.
Fritti and his gang.