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July 24th 05, 01:50 AM
Need sponsors for spaying cats - Need to be done in one week (by 7/27/05)
Please read:
My sister and I are trying to help a family that has been taking in
strays, (but can't really afford it) to find homes for them. They have

forty cats / kittens.We have found homes for 2 moms and all the kittens,
6months and younger. We also found placements for the rest,

but (15) the animals need to be spayed before the new homes will accept
them. Hence the need for donations/ sponsors for spaying!
The local shelter came down on them and gave them 5 days to find homes
or turn them in to the shelter .**** They will be euthanized

as they are received by shelter (PAWS) as they can't accomodate that
many.*** We finally got a one week extension before they have

to be turned in. So we are in dire need of help for our furry friends.


More information received about situation and how to handle any donations:

Our local shelter, Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter, (PAWS) is NOT a no- kill
Shelter.> Unfortunately, they have only given us a 1 week extension to place
these animals ourselves, and to place them we must have them spayed or
neutered. They ARE NOT ABLE to accept donations for us. We have been
notified by the shelter that they have no room for any animals and all (even
the nursingkittens) will be put down as soon as they arrive. Our deadline is
FridayJuly 29, 2005. Any cats left will be euthanized. (hence the posting of
the27th deadline, will give us a few days to get them to the Vet before they
are taken from the family).

I have been working with a not for profit organization called CAWS
(Citizens for Animal Welfare and Shelter), they have worked very hard for
us, but their funds are running very low, and they can only do so much. They
have helped us find homes for all the adults (but must be spay/neutered
can take them there), and an organization called "Friends of Strays" in
Princeton, IL are going to be able to take both nursing mothers and babies
along with 7 kittens that are 6 months and younger.

Donations can be sent to:

CAWS (Citizens for Animal Welfare and Shelter)
Attn: Rebecca Matheny
104 S. 13th St.
Pekin, IL 61554-4945

They are licensed with the State of Illinois and registered with the
Illinois Attorney General, and are a 501 (C3) not for profit organization.
Donations are Tax Deductible, please send a request with your donation if
you need a tax exempt letter and one will be sent.
You can donate to the local Veterinary Clinic that helps the organization
with Spay and Neuter procedures.

Lang Animal Clinic
Attn: CAWS
1305 Black Street
Pekin, IL 61554

They will be sure that the donations are credited to the account for these

This Veterinary Clinic gives CAWS a discounted price of $50.00 for a spay,
and $35.00 for a neuter, so a donation of $50.00 will be greatly
appreciated as most of the cats are female.