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July 28th 05, 12:26 AM
Hi all...
Just wanted to share a great discovery with everybody.
I discovered an awesome deShedding Tool called the FURminator.
I've been using it to deShed my cat Harry and haven't seen a hairball since.

This tool is great and REALLY, REALLY works so if you have problems with
hairballs then check it out.
I got mine here http://www.nomorehairballs.com

Here is the article where I discovered the FURminator deShedding Tool.

CATNIP The Newsletter for Caring Cat Owners
April 2005 Vol. 13 No. 4

In the April 2005 issue of CATNIP, the article, "Help for Hairballs", ranked
the FURminator deShedding tool among the best in preventing hairballs in

Your cat may be the only self-cleaning thing in your house, but there is a
nasty result of that convenience: when your cat ingests the loose hair it
licks off itself and vomits it back up as a hairball in a typically
inconvenient place in your home.

Cats spend a lot of time licking loose hair from their coats. And
unfortunately your cat lacks the ability to spit out this fur, so he
swallows it. The hair gradually makes its way through the digestive tract,
winding into a tight little tube. If it is too large to fit through the
pyloric sphincter (the passage way into the small intestine from the
stomach), the cat has to puck it up onto the floor.

Your first inclination, after stepping onto a wet, nasty hairball, might be
to give your cat a hairball remedy. However, ingestable hairball treatments
have not received any scientific evaluation, none have been proven to work.
Veterinarians will tell you that the best way to control hairballs is to
prevent your cat from ingesting the hair in the first place.

This is what Tufts University had to say about the FURminator deShedding
tool: "Since prevention is the best cure, take a close look at the
FURminator deShedding tool. FURminator received paws up from the test cats.
This patented tool utilizes a unique blade that removes dead undercoat and
loose hair while leaving the topcoat alone. It features a 1 1/3-inch wide
blade with fine 1/8-inch teeth. This tool removes an amazing amount of fur

FURminator's soft ergonomically-designed gripping ridges make it comfortable
to hold. Some test cats who normally don't enjoy being brushed, tolerated
the FURminator for a much longer period. Some even purred. This tool's short
teeth avoid the risk of scratching sensitive feline skin."