View Full Version : Paw Points coupon rip off

July 31st 05, 04:38 AM
Has anyone used one of their coupons from the most recent Paw Points
reward thing? I got a coupon for "FREE One Fresh Step Clay Cat Litter
14 lb bag". The maximum value is $5.49. I used it at Walmart this
afternoon and got totally gipped or perhaps scammed is the better word.
The cat litter was indeed a 14 lb bag and it cost $4.48. According to
the coupon, I shouldn't have had to pay anything for it, it's free. But
Walmart only subtracted $1.67 instead of $4.48. By the time I realized
it, it was too late. I was putting the grocery bags back in the cart
and the person I was with was supposed to be watching to make sure the
prices were correct.

Has this happened to anyone else with these Paw Points coupons? They
were supposed to subtract the entire cost of the cat litter, right? I
can't figure out why they'd only subtract $1.67. I don't know if I
should go back to Walmart and give them a piece of my mind or try
calling someone in charge of the Paw Points. I feel silly complaining
over a lost $2.81 but it's the principle of the thing. At least I have
proof of the mistake. I have another coupon like the one I used which
matches the barcode on the receipt.